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Deepak Thimaya is a well-known TV personality, presenter, senior journalist, entrepreneur, teacher, film-maker, producer, trainer, writer, artist, debate promoter, dramatist, brand consultant, advertising professional, social entrepreneur, political analyst and motivational speaker.

Deepak Thimaya has done many things


He has close to twenty five years of experience in television. He started his TV career as an actor. Later, he moved to become a TV presenter and was predominantly associated with Udaya TV, although he did shows for Doordarshan right in his early days and other channels in the later days.


As a journalist, Deepak has been active in the field ever since his college days. He edited a newspaper as a college student, and later on worked as a part time and freelance journalist, as well as a columnist and contributor with many publications such as Deccan Herald, Prajavani, Vijaya Karntaka, Times of India, Mid Day, Outlook, The Week and so on. He was the first editor of Vijaya Next weekly of the Times of India Group.


As a filmmaker and producer, he has directed and produced hundreds of educational films, business films, biographical films, short features and also a full length Kannada feature film called ‘Neene Bari Neene’ which was released in 2015. As a producer he has produced dozens of successful TV shows, both fiction and nonfiction.

Political interviews

He has presented numerous programs ranging from news magazines to quiz shows and political interviews. His shows, ‘Time to Talk’, ‘Jedara Balé’, ‘Special Reporter’ and ‘Sanjeevini’ shaped up as not just popular shows but have also had immense social impact and influence. His political interview ‘Jedara Balé’ is the longest running interview show on Kannada television. He has been a promoter and producer of health shows, educational shows, women’s shows and children’s shows in addition to his primary interest as a producer of current affairs shows. He has also been featured on national TV channels. He completed his education in Journalism and English from Mysore and Kuvempu Universities.

As an entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, he has established several companies, starting with an advertising agency and then moving on to establish various companies in the fields of brand promotion, marketing, PR and brand consultancy. He is currently the Managing Director of TV House Network, a company that is into TV show production, product promotion and events. He is also a director in a few companies that are into hospitality and healthcare. He owns many brand names, including many active and successful businesses in the field of technology. He loves trading and perfumery. As an events producer, he conceptualized, produced and executed Mysooru Utsava, Siri Sambhrama for women, Bangalore Health Festival and Sanjeevini Health Festival.


His interest in debate and logic has motivated him to start Verbattle, the biggest professional debate organization in India for debate promotion and debate competitions. Verbattle completed 13 years this year, and is now an international organization operating in over 8 countries in Europe and the rest of the world. Verbattle has been very influential in promoting debate, logic, communication, democratic values and leadership.

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Deepak Thimaya's Career Highlights

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    Special Interviews

    Has been the only TV personality who has been involved in almost every genre of tvshows in Kannada. He has the distinction of being part of every facet of the television medium. Is also a recognized Quiz Master on TV. He produced the first ever Quiz show for satellite TV in Kannada.

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    Jedara Bale

    Jedara Bale - presently, the only issue based interview in Udaya TV has been on for the past five years. Well known opinion makers, politicians, policy makers and public personalities are interviewed on the show to explore and expose the truth behind the news.

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    Neene Bari Neene

    A film with the same name was released on 18 September 2015, starring Anish Tejeshwar, Deepika Kamaiah, and Samyukta Hornad in the lead roles. The film was directed by Deepak Thimaya and the story co-written by Vinayak Bhat.

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    is an established painter who paints in all media. Has his paintings displayed and sold in a few galleries. Has displayed his painting in art exhibitions and has received critical acclaim.

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    Has conceptualized, organized and conducted many unique and successful events such as: worked as Vice-President, Janata party with Dr.Vijay Mallya. is the Chief Inspiration of Samooha Shakti a socio-political organization.

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    As brought out unique and acclaimed music / song albums called Gaana Gange on Sri Sri Dr Shivakumara Swamiji of the Sri Siddaganga Mutt and one on Sri Balagangadharanatha Swamiji Has written songs.Has sung songs and has released a solo song that is making waves.He is also a singer and is currently working on a music album that will be released shortly.

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More about Deepak thimaya
  • He started teaching when he was a student himself and has been actively teaching in schools and colleges ever since, for the past twenty five years. He has taught children the art of theatre and debate through his own theory of logical learning. He has trained more than a thousand teachers in theatre in education, better communication skills and debate in education.

  • He has been a stage actor since his school days and has directed and acted in numerous plays ever since.He established The Academy for Child Theatre in 1992 to promote theatre in education and in the classroom. He received nation wide acclaim for the same. He has written many children’s plays and also directed award winning plays. He has acted in some major plays produced by well-known theatre companies.

  • As a social entrepreneur, he has been involved in many social development and human development activities. He has been a social activist and has been involved in many social campaigns. He has started a few social organizations over the years. Currently, he is the mentor of ‘Samooha Shakti’, a sociopolitical organization which has been attracting thousands of members to its fold. He is known to be a popular and effective public speaker who has addressed thousands of people till date.

  • He is most popular as a political analyst and has interviewed and interacted with every important politician in the State and has also interviewed some prominent politicians at the national level. His views are highly valued and he is considered to be the most senior political analyst in Kannada television. His political analysis in Prajavani daily is very popular and has been much appreciated.

  • In fact, Deepak started his professional career as an advertising professional after graduating from college. A passionate creative thinker and problem solver, he enjoyed working on everything from concept to design.He went on to nurture his interest in advertising and promotion. He has worked for some major advertising companies and on some top of the line advertising projects in the past.

  • He is also a well-known artist and poet. His paintings have been sold in exhibitions and patronized by art lovers. He is also a gifted poet. His new anthology ‘The Salt of Life’ was published in January this year.

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